Brian Bradshaw Memorial High Ropes Course


Built during the winter of 2009 - 2010, the Brian Bradshaw Memorial High Ropes Course offers participants the ability to challenge themselves through 17 separate elements. Participants are secured 40 feet above the ground as they attempt a variety of different challenges designed to set and obtain personal and group goals.

This high ropes course is designed to develop self-esteem, confidence, positive risk-taking, overcoming fears, and exceeding self-imposed limitations. Experience, along with taking time to process the experiences makes the challenge program a valuable learning tool.


1st Lt. Brian Bradshaw was a member of the CYO Summer Camp family who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 25th, 2009. After his death, his family and friends contributed more than $50,000 and countless volunteer hours to complete this beautiful course. Mary and Paul Bradshaw, Brian's parents, hope that this course will keep Brian's adventurous spirit alive through the people who experience the course. When you visit, take a moment to read his memorial plaque at the base of the course.

Frequently asked Questions

Q: What do I need to bring for a day on the challenge course?

A: As with all of our Challenge programs, each participant needs to wear closed toed shoes. Other items to bring are: clothes that are comfortable to move in, a rain jacket (rain doesn't stop us!), and a water bottle. Each participant also needs a signed release form.

Q: I'm a little nervous about the height -- do I have to go up on the course?

A: Of course not! Our program operates under a "spectrum of choice" -- where participants are encouraged to choose their level of desired participation. A participant is never forced to do anything he or she doesn't want to.

Q: Can I incorporate my retreat theme within these Challenge programs?

A: Absolutely! Facilitators design and lead programs unique to your group. Talk with Camps staff to solidify details about your visit.  

Q: How long should I plan for this activity?

A: Group leaders should plan for at least 3 hours, depending on group size, goals, and dynamic. Talk with Camp staff to solidify details about your visit.  

Q: Who can I talk to for more information about the Challenge Program?

A: To request a reservation, complete a form online.

Challenge specific questions can be directed to Terri Schell, our Course Manager.