Connect young adults of Western Washington with Jesus Christ, the universal Church, the mission of the Church in our world, and a peer community that nurtures and strengthens the faith of each member.


Through service & social justice, fellowship, formation, and spiritual opportunities, the department of Young Adult Ministry serves alongside pastors, pastoral staff, and young adult leaders to meet the needs of young adults as they navigate the many life transitions that occur during this time.


Foster and support the growth of young adult communities in parishes throughout the archdiocese. 

  • Consult with parish staff and volunteers as they minister to young adults and build young adult ministry at their parish. 
  • Inform pastors of the engagement and involvement of young adults from their parishes in young adult programing.  
  • Provide leadership and faith formation opportunities for young adult leaders.

Connect young adults with the universal Church. 

  • Plan large scale events such as Holy Thursday Pilgrimage, World Youth Day, Welcome to your Archdiocese, etc. 
  • Communicate the Good News of the larger Church with young adults through social media, weekly emails, formation events, and other relevant outlets so they are informed disciples in the world. 
  • Collaborate with other chancery offices and ministries to serve young adults in the many different ways their life intersects with the Church.  

Provide opportunities for pastoral formation, leadership training and networking for young adult leaders in the Archdiocese of Seattle. 

  • Gather young adult leaders and parish staff in regional clusters to foster a community of those ministering to young adults.  
  • Encourage deanery collaboration for events and programs when appropriate. 

Communicate the good news. 

  • Generate a weekly email that includes events happening for young adults throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle.  
  • Provide a space for young adult communities to share their events and information about their ministry to a large audience.   
  • Host an interactive website for young adults to stay connected and informed with all that is happening for them in their archdiocese.