Adult Formation & Training 

We are dedicated to the training and formation of parish staff, youth ministry leaders, parish ministry team members and youth leaders. This includes Spiritual, Human, Intellectual and Pastoral formation opportunities. 

The need for leadership formation is explicitly addressed within the Revised Code of Canon Law. It states that lay persons who devote themselves permanently or temporarily to some special service in the church ― "are obligated to acquire appropriate formation which is required to fulfill their function properly and to carry it out conscientiously, zealously and diligently." (Canon #231) 

"Convey understanding, convey ways of doing things, convey values. Faith is conveyed through these. The educator should be up to being a person who educates, he or she should consider how to proclaim Jesus Christ to a generation that is changing. Education today is a key, key, key mission!" ~Pope Francis

Events & Retreats  


Events with the young church that occur at parish, deanery and archdiocese level all reflect the vision and principles articulated in "Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry". Our direct ministry events with the young church are also attentive in a particular way to the goals. 


Archdiocesan events with young people intentionally foster discipleship, encourage connection with the wider Church, and build up parish youth ministries. 

Goal 1: Discipleship flowing from an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ

  • Gathered together, the youth will have an opportunity for a conversion experience through an authentic encounter with Christ in prayer, liturgy and sacraments. 
  • Having encountered Christ, and empowered by the talks, witnesses and activities, they will be sent forth to serve and witness as disciples. 
  • Formation in leadership for the parish/school leaders will be offered alongside discipleship formation for youth.

Goal 2: Experience of the wider Church

  • Youth will experience the wider Church by gathering with others from parishes across the Archdiocese and beyond. 
  • Liturgical and sacramental experiences will connect youth with the prayer of the universal Church. 
  • Experience the Catholicity of the Church in the beautiful tapestry woven by diverse threads of culture, economic realities, geographic location, etc. 

Goal 3: Fostering the growth of parish youth ministries

  • OYYAE direct ministry provides excellent experiences for parish/school youth ministries that are of a different nature and bigger scale than is possible at the parish, school or deanery level. 
  • Direct ministry events will continue to support parish/school youth ministries by providing resources to further integrate the experience into parish/school programming and by connecting youth back to their parishes. 
  • Support will be provided for integrating the experience into family life by collaborating with parents. 

Planning, execution, and evaluation of these direct ministry events will be attentive to the 3 goals throughout the process. This includes the invitation and formation of the planning team itself through the final evaluation of the ministry event.